Ferromagnetic theory of cancer (Iron Conception).

April 10, 2010

How do your researches confirm (or refute) the Ferromagnetic theory-2006 of oncogenesis / tumorigenesis (Iron Conception)? Can you discuss mol. biol. or/and clinical aspects of this theory? You can make a supplement/addition and become a co-author of this theory.

If you don’t believe my researches then you can see forecasts of Evangelia Dimitrova (Vanga, Bulgaria). In 1994 she predicted: “At the beginning of the 21st century a day will come and cancer will be chained in iron! A cure, which shall cure people from this illness, must contain the iron, because this element is decreasing in the human organism.”:


I think: contain = connect; because = in order to. Problems with translation of Macedonian dialect and breast cancer neutralized E.Dimitrova in 1996. She was prophetess, but not scientist. She saw only future sensational headlines of all newspapers and journals: “Mankind beats cancer…IRON…contain…decreasing…”.

Old version of “Email from “Ferromagnetic Father””: http://fenutjob.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/hello-world/

Also you can see: http://www.foonyor.com/2009_08_01_archive.html


I hope you are able to compare (collate, confront, contrast, juxtapose, parallel) the Biblical iron information with Shapoval’s Iron Conception-2006 and Vanga’s iron-cancer-AIDS forecasts-1994.

Sincerely, mit freundlichen Grussen und den besten Wunschen

Vadim Shapoval, author of the F. theory-2006 of cancer 10.04.2010

Molecular biological aspects (iron metabolism).  Free (atomic, ionic) intracellular iron can give birth to: a] hem iron; b] unhem iron; c] nano-crystalline iron.  Scientists ‘forget’ about c].  Crystallization of iron (generation of ‘ferromagnetosomes’) is ordinary process into any cell (human, animal, vegetative). E.microscopes can see intracellular organic non-magnetic nano-crystals (quadrates, rhombs, lozenges, various many-sided figures, tubular structures). E.microscopes can see crystalline onco-viruses (20 – 300 nm) = weak-magnetic nano-crystals which are ‘embryo nano-crystals’, crystalline nuclei, centres for ‘beginning of iron crystallization’.  E.microscopes can’t see nano-crystals of iron (1 – a few nm) = strong-magnetic nano-crystals which work by invisible harmful double-pole magnetic fields.  Surrounded nano-crystals of iron with defects of structure look (e. microscopy) as if ‘black spots’ (nano-objects with illegible contours).  Millions non-toxic nano-crystals of iron (1 – 2 nm) can occupy space of one cell, but e.microscopes don’t see clearly / legibly these crystallizable occupants which are basis-foundation of any oncopathology (human, animal, vegetative).

Atom of iron is non-magnetic substance (dia- or slight para-magnetic substance). Atom of iron is atom with under-constructed inner electron layer. A-few-atoms-crystal-of-iron is so far weak, unripe crystal-of-iron (weak magnetic potential, weak magnetic attraction, not enough collectivized electrons into crystal-of-iron).

1-nm-nano-crystal-of-iron is quite mature, complete nano-crystal-of-iron which is ready-made for powerful attraction of intracellular pico-nano-objects. These pico-nano-objects: 1) surround (encircle, encompass, envelop, gird, environ, ensphere, cover over) nano-crystal-of-iron; 2) create excellent camouflage (feathers, squamae) for nano-crystal-of-iron; 3) limit/hinder/prevent from further normal development/growth of nano-crystal-of-iron (+ ugly structural defects: admixed atoms, voids, dislocations).

R.Suss regretted: “Never, nobody didn’t see moment of transformation of normal cell to tumor cell.”. Such transformation (sudden transition-jump) is usual result of quantitative and qualitative-attractive growth of numerous intracellular ferromagnetic nano-crystals of iron (result of collectivization of electrons into growing a-few-atoms-crystal-of-iron). Tumor cell is normal cell + numerous ripe-mature nano-crystals of iron, which endeavor to interchain (shackle, enfetter, gyve, pin down) normal cell by means of invisible magnetic fields. Human organism is aggregate of dia-, para-, ferri- and ferromagnetic substances.

Crystalline onco-viruses are beautiful, alive, friable organic, big, exogenous and weak-magnetic nano-crystals. Crystalline Fe-viruses (‘ferromagnetosomes’) are ugly, inanimate, very compact, small, endogenous and strong-magnetic nano-crystals.

‘‘The Explanation of cancer problem should be looked for not only in carcinogens, but in the cell itself’’, – Lettre wrote. Vadim Shapoval writes: “Crystallization of iron in the cell itself is the explanation of cancer problem. Achilles’ heel of cancer is iron. There is only one authentic reason causing cancer. This is ferromagnetic cause, well-masked by the God.”.

‘‘Cancer scientists wander in jungle of non-juxtaposed facts, theories and hypotheses. Scientists have need of any generalized universal hypothesis, which can be founded on prejudices’’, – Suss wrote. Ferromagnetic theory-2006 of cancer founds on the Biblical information about iron.

Intracellular nano-crystals of iron (‘ferromagnetosomes’) are very compact dead matter. Compactness (compactedness) of nano-crystals of iron (1 – 2 nm) is ‘very high compactness’. Compactness of onco-viruses (20 – 300 nm) is ‘non-high compactness’ because friable organic crystals of onco-viruses are as if cases-bags for virus-DNA/RNA.

Intracellular nano-crystalline iron is as if incalculable, unknown, unreal, imaginary, undreamt-of, wizard, unholy, underhand, undeclared, undecipherable, uncrowned, uncomely, unchecked, uncanny, unbred, unblushing, unavenged, unappreciated, unadmitted, uncompromising, inexorable iron.

Always is present, ‘ready at hand’, king of all ferro(i)magnetic (and carcinogen’s) substances intracellular nano-crystalline iron is substance/matter-monopolist for any tumor process. Nano-crystals of iron (different-size magnets) have an ability of self-increasing, self-compilation (crystallization is crystallization).

Nano-crystals of iron: 1) attract intracellular pico-nano-objects; 2) surround/encircle: fragments of crystalline oncoviruses; nano-crystals of chem. carcinogens and ferrites (chemical combinations of ferric oxide Fe2O3 and oxides of other metals); crystallizable ferments; intracellular ferr(i)magnetic nano-particles, granules, microbodies; other nano-crystals of Fe, Co, Ni, Mn+N.  Nano-crystals of iron chaotically pull anything that has at least something ‘magnetic’. In such a manner (magnetic attraction; superposition) nano-crystals of iron: 1) are self-masked (self-camouflaged, self-disappeared); 2) mask oncoviruses, microbodies, each-other, etc.

Scientists discovered: tumor tissue is a ‘nitrogen trap’ (either alimentary or the one that becomes ‘free’ as a result of disruption of proteins and nucleic acids) and ‘oxygen trap’ (free radicals). Nitrogen, nitric oxide (NO) and oxygen are paramagnetics, but they (+ alkaline metals) are able to create ferrimagnetics. Air contains oxygen and nitrogen. Tumors like oxygen (paramagnetic substance) and nitrogen (paramagnetic substance). Crystal grating of ferrimagnetics consists of two subgrating with different mass of magnetic power. Magnetic characteristics of ferrimagnetics are similar to those of ferromagnetics.

Some chem. carcinogens kill cells (any cells are iron-containing cells). Other chem. carcinogens are intoxic nano-crystals with weak magnetic properties. Such nano-crystals (into cell) can begin to create / to found nano-crystals with strong magnetic properties.

Nano-crystals of iron (=constant magnets) and its ‘assistants’ build / construct / found consolidated nano-conglomerates-complexes [ferro(i)magnetic (centre) + paramagnetic (envelope)]. R.Suss’s terminology: B- and C-particles which often and often finding into tumor cells. Chemical, spectral and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance’ analyses of such numerous and very heterogeneous super-small B- and C-particles are difficult. Mitochondrions (O.Warburg), crystalline oncoviruses (R.Suss), peroxisomes and other microbodies (Y.Mochizuki) change contours, disappear mysterious and appear again. Naive scientists think: any black spots are various intracellular useful (and neutral) substances and excrements. Suspicious black spots (maculae, patches, clouds, dabs, splashes, blotches, blurs, smears, splotches, splodges, smuts, smudges, tarnishes, slurs, blemishes, nebulae, blots, stains) can live: into/on mitochondrions (respiratory problems of some tumors), into cytoplasm (repression of cell enzyme’ systems by metal-deficient method, because ferro(i)magnetic nano-crystals ‘eat’ free intracellular atoms/ions of metals), on membrane (change of thickness and penetration), etc.

Nano-crystals of iron occupy surfaces of oncoviruses, mitochondrions, cell microbodies, cell membrane. Oncoviruses take a dip in the black train-fog (see mol. biol. atlases). Nano-crystals of iron are like black holes. They do and do not exist at the same time. Works of some Cancer Research Institutions are like black holes.

People often confuse or/and mix up the reason with the consequence, primary reason with factors, truth with false (because Psalms 61:10). Such thing happened with plague (plague was considered to be caused by rats, lice, heat and astrological phenomena), the same thing is with oncopathologies. Any human knowledge is incomplete and inexact knowledge. Krebs, AIDS, CTS, rocket technique (astronautics), etc.

Iron is ideal metal of war and murder. All people and animals, whose cellular respiration is mostly ‘built’ on iron, have controlled cancers, sarcomata, leucoses, but some ‘losers’ become the ‘proud owners’ of ‘bad jackpot’. Even ½ g of iron is enough to kill the ‘ferromagnetic loser’ whom the God planned to take ‘home’. Theoretically (theory of probabilities), everyone has ‘iron ticket’ to Heaven (or Hell).

Iron is compressed hydrogen. Iron is born into stars under 4 milliard degrees. Stars can’t overcome iron barrier, stars explode and give iron meteorites. Center of Earth is crystalline iron (a few thousand degrees, density 11). Magnetic fields can die provided speed of light is unlimited.

Magnetic fields of non-toxic nano-crystals of iron: 1) can anarchically distort DNA of the cell; 2) can deform//uglify mitoses (genetic material stops to be distributed properly, chromosomes don’t disperse but tear, etc.); 3) can change cell properties (sphericity, elasticity, etc.); 4) can ‘increase’ thickness and penetration of membrane of the cell; 5) can strengthen cytoskeleton; 6) can infringe rule of contact inhibition of cell-division.

Scientists explain antisocial individualistic behavior of tumor cells by action of excessive negative charged membranes of tumor cells. Scientists think: tumor cells acquire damaged-mutated DNA. These DNA produce more acidic building blocks-bricks for membranes of tumor cells. Excessive negative charged membranes change social behavior of tumor cells. Scientists confuse all. Coulomb (1736-1806) interested not only charges, but constant magnets also. Coulomb saw: interaction of poles of magnets (N; S) = interaction of charges (+; -). Tumor cells contain numerous nano-crystals of iron: 1) which are created by means of atoms of iron; 2) which are born under conditions of polarizability. Poles of these intracellular nano-crystals of iron orient according to negative charges of membranes of tumor cells. Numerous intracellular nano-crystals of iron create ’excessive negative charges’s illusion’’ for naive researchers. [‘Illusive role’ of negative charged membranes of tumor cells is pole orientation of all magnetized intracellular nano-crystals of iron.].

Electric and magnetic phenomena connect. Additional electrization of organism/cells – additional magnetization of organism/cells; nervous life/shock – cancer.

Linear, non-periodical//non-regular, moving, negative charged crystal (DNA) creates around oneself magnetic field. Of course intracellular nano-crystals of iron (=constant magnets) can disfigure DNA (onco-chaos, onco-anarchy, onco-mutations).

Ferro-magnetic fields are very insidious fields! Once Robert Boyle (1627-1691) proved: magnetic fields don’t work in vacuum. R.Boyle placed (suspended) magnet and piece of iron into glass-tube. He began pump out air by hand-pump with acceleration. Piece of iron came off magnet because jolting (vibration) of hand-pump (table, glass-tube). Some cancer-researchers, who like deadlock, can prove: magnetic fields don’t work in water (tumor cells contain diamagnetic water).

Magnetic fields are stumbling-stones for numerous scientists, who work in sphere of cancer researches or attempt to solve problem of Controllable Thermonuclear Synthesis (CTS). Double-pole magnetic fields are not one-pole gravitational fields (fields of attraction). Reader of the Holy Writ, Isaac Newton (1643-1727) read about g. fields (Job 26:7; Isaiah 40:22). He published the law of gravitation in 1687. Sun makes colossal energy because defect of mass. Sun holds plasma by means of g. field (but not magnetic field). Thermonuclearists, deprived of iron logic, like to use powerful magnetic fields. That would make a cat laugh.

Surrounded nanocrystals of iron travel from maternal tumor cell to daughterly tumor cells with portions of cytoplasm, membrane and other organelles (ungenetic inheritance of neoplastic properties). Nano-crystals of iron are inherited even if the genetic material of the cell is not damaged. Any tumor cell is normal cell which is taken ill ferromagnetic ‘infection’ (nano-crystalline iron sand). Theoretically, if you transplant/seat nano-crystalline iron sand into normal cells (into cytoplasm, mitochondrions, membrane, chromosome’s proteins, etc.), then you receive/produce various (diverse) tumor cells. The cell is projected in such a way that it isn’t always able to repair itself. Ferromagnetic nano-crystalline intracellular infection is non-toxic intracellular infection with various unpleasant magnetic and ferment-deficient surprises.

Behavior of migrated transformed malignant tumor cells (cancer) and behavior of malignant impudent bacteria (gangrene) are analogous. Cancer = Gangrene. Is it possible? Yes of course (see God’s, Biblical opinion). Very often tumor process – is a continuation or final completion of purulent-inflammatory (infectious) process.

Characters of normal cells are normal iron metabolism (formation of only a few nano-crystalline iron).  Characters of abnormal cells and tumor cells are abnormal iron metabolism (formation of a great many nano-crystalline iron).  Intracellular nano-crystals of iron ‘eat’ intracellular atoms of iron, create deficiency of intracellular atoms of iron. This deficiency can change intracellular biochemical processes, can repress synthesis of various intracellular forms of hem iron and unhem iron. Possible consequences are respiratory problems (see O.Warburg’s the respiratory theory of cancer). So, crystallization of intracellular ferments and repression of intracellular ferment’ systems are results-fruits of abnormal iron metabolism. Of course tumor cells eat much glucose, use/deposit much non-crystalline hem iron and unhem iron because, as a rule, tumor cells are quickly-growing cells. Mass crystallization of hem iron or/and unhem iron can take place into tumor cells, which are saturated nano-crystalline iron. [Crystallization of (weak-magnetic) hem iron or/and unhem iron can provoke crystallization of (strong-magnetic) iron. And on the contrary. Crystallization of iron can provoke intensive crystallization of hem iron or/and unhem iron.].

A man of great erudition (learning) Richard Goldfinch (MHRA) recommended me: http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.3109/07357909909032860

The role of iron in cancer. Development of Clinical Methods of Iron Deprivation for Suppression of Neoplastic and Infectious Diseases. E.D.Weinberg (Indiana) fears to say words: “ferromagnetism”, “crystallization of iron”, “collectivization of electrons into nano-crystals of iron”. Indian Pro-Fe-ssor E.D.Weinberg! Collectivization of electrons is not collectivization of wives or wonderful dollars!

Ferromagnetism is very strange, unexpected, surprising, unlooked-for, queer, quaint explanation of oncogenesis. Ferromagnetism is quantum phenomenon (magnetic properties of electrons / quantum theory). Ferromagnetism exists because speed of light is limited. Ferromagnetism is fate/lot of some crystals (crystalline substances), which own numerous collectivized electrons (‘‘free electron gas’’). Crystals of aflatoxines, 3,4-benzpiren and 1,2,5,6-dibenzantrazen are strongest carcinogens, but crystals of 1,2-benzpiren and 1,2,3,4-dibenzantrazen are quite not carcinogens. [Any single/solitary atoms and molecules are diamagnetic or paramagnetic substance.]. Mathe, Dossier cancer, wrote: ‘‘Asbestos (CaO*3MgO*4SiO), Cr, Ni, Cd, Pb, Sn, Fe, As … are carcinogens.’’. All these carcinogens are crystalline substances.

Metallurgical examples. Goysler’ alloy (Cu 60% + Mn 25% + Al 15%) is ferromagnetic matter. Cu, Mn and Al are non-ferromagnetic matters. Alloy (Fe 75% + Ni 25%) is non-ferromagnetic matter. Fe and Ni are ferromagnetic matters. [Mn (99%) + N (1%)] is ferromagnetic matter. Mn and N are non-ferromagnetic matters. Of course, various ferromagnetic nano-objects can be born (crystallization) into tumor cells. There is also a possibility of various chemical reactions in conterminal/frontier zones between intracellular ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic nano-objects. Spectral analysis of intracellular ferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic nano-objects is difficult.

Ferro(i)magnetic order can discover in: 1) crystalline metallic substances (metals (Fe, Co, Ni), compounds of various metals); 2) crystalline compounds metal + non-metal (Mn+N; Fe2O3*nMeO; FeS; etc.); 3) crystalline non-metallic substances; 4) crystalline oncoviruses, non-toxic and toxic crystalline chemical carcinogens; 5) crystallizable intracellular ferments.

As a rule, in case if action of crystalline chemical carcinogen the growth of the tumor starts gradually, with the latent period. In case of crystalline onco-virus infection the growth of the tumor starts immediately, without the latent period. Some scientists weirdly suggested that the onco-virus is a true cause of cancer, because onco-virus works/detonates faster and more accurately. I think: crystalline onco-viruses penetrate into cells purposefully (quickly). Crystalline chemical carcinogens penetrate into cells purposelessly (passively). All viruses and carcinogens are subdivided: 1) toxic/murderous-for-cells (cells, which, of course, contain iron) substances; 2) weak-magnetic crystalline substances, which are able to arouse iron-crystallization into cells.

Ferromagnetic processes, collectivization of electrons into nano-crystals of iron are correct, adequate, clear answers for any cancer questions. Necessarily to combine theory and practice.

Our ancestors, who lived 2-3 thousand years ago didn’t have lime chloride (carcinogen) and e.microscopes (super-wonderful instruments) at hand, but they didn’t fall into despair, using sulfur instead in order to disinfect the house and the property of a person, who died (ached) of some infection (Job 18:15). It is known that bacteria (as well as pathogenic microorganisms and viruses) need of any forms of iron (and other heavy metals). Metal-deficient method is mortal method for tumor cells, bacteria and viruses.  H2S layer (metal-neutralizing layer) of the Black Sea kills all alive creatures by this method. Neoplasm, metastases, tumor cells, bacteria and viruses are autonomous impertinent alive creatures.

Mathe wrote ‘Dossier cancer’. I can write ‘Dossier scientific mistakes’. G.Mendel (1822-1884) discovered laws of inheritance in 1866. Scientists understood genetics-work of G.Mendel in 1900. G.Mendel! Many thanks!

Alexandr Fleming (1881-1955) had been publishing articles about penicillin in press, had been making reports at the conferences for more than 10 years (1928-1938). But nobody believed him. Then everybody decided that the author of the articles about (crystalline) penicillin had died. Is it a good English precedent? This story proves the fact that some scientists (deprived of iron logic) all their life do nothing. Why remained unknown Einstein’s and Mendeleyev’s discoveries for 10-15 years? Because, some scientists live in the world of dogmas and illusions. F.Rous (1879-1970) discovered hen oncovirus in 1911. Scientists-contemporaries ridiculed and ignored Rous’s data. V.Shapoval discovered iron oncovirus in 2006. Scientists (with false scientific degrees) ridicule and ignore Shapoval’s data. Self-opinionated oncoscientists have almost drowned in the ocean of information and various ‘precious’ onco-ideas. Such onco-ideas you can see in journals, medical literature and brilliant American Internet. Wrong and miserable cancer theories kill oncopatients! People enjoy lie, especially sweet type of it (because real truth is always unreal). Baronage Munchhausen (researcher?) flew/aviated by iron cannon-ball. Truth or lie?

Ferromagnetic iron (nano-crystals of iron) works (into diamagnetic water) by means of invisible harmful double-pole magnetic fields. Mechanisms of tumorigenesis found on crystalline ferromagnetic intracellular phenomena.

EPR is resonant engulfment of electromagnetic energy (centimetrical or millimetrical diapason) by substances which contain various paramagnetic particles.

Scientists think paramagnetic intracellular particles (centres) are: 1) short-lived free radicals; 2) complexes of metals with changeable valence; 3) complexes of hem iron and unhem iron; 4) nitrosyl (*NO)-complexes of hemoproteins; 5) crystalline nitrates Me(NO3)n; O2N*OR.

Vadim Shapoval, reader of the Holy Writ, thinks paramagnetic intracellular particles (centres) contain inside, as a rule, different-size ferromagnetic long-lived nano-crystals of iron. Nano-crystals of iron are centres of attraction of paramagnetic substances. Tumor tissue is ‘nitrogen trap’ and ‘oxygen trap’ (‘paramagnetic trap’). Normal tissue is ‘paramagnetic trap’ on condition of presence of necrotic-phenomena. Necrotic-phenomena are potential pretumor-phenomena.

Scientists can attract attention to abnormal signals of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) into tumor cells. I open up old Medical encyclopedia, tumors, and read. Among physical-chemical characteristics of the growth of tumors the most significant is investigation of the spectra/signals of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) of tumor tissues. It is stated that tumor cells are characterized by EPR signals different from such signals of homologous normal cells. Influences that leads to regression of the tumor or retardation of it growth is paralleled by normalization of EPR signals of tumor cells… EPR signals with triplet structure which are unnatural (abnormal) for biological objects are discovered in the majority of animal and human tumors.

Honey gluttony results in illness (Proverbs 25:16). Diabetes? Diabetes or cancer (honey contains H2O2).

Injective implantation of the preparations of iron (imferon/ferrodoxan) was used for treatment of iron-deficient anemia, but it became known that these preparations give local carcinogenic/sarcomatous effect. Such effect you can watch in place / site of suppurative-inflammatory (infectious) focus that is in a cemetery of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, any somatic and blood cells (they contain various forms of iron: 1)+2)+3)+4)). Such effect you can watch in place of chronic irritation, irradiation, contusion, burn, stitches, chap, contact of different poisonous chemical carcinogens or other similar variants of the destructive influence on the tissues.

Clinical aspects. Of course, growing intracellular nano-crystals of iron attract/eat intracellular atoms (ions) of iron. Cell-division of tumor cell signifies division of quantity of intracellular nano-crystals of iron (2 mln = 1 mln + 1 mln). Doctors-oncologists must limit (very accurately) further growth of nano-crystals of iron. Doctors must reduce quantity of atoms (ions) of iron into organism of oncopatient. Consequences? Malignant tumor is converted into non-malignant tumor; metastases must halt. [Opinion of modern medicine is mortal opinion. Usually, oncopatients are chased by iron deficiency, which comes along with an oncopathology and which must be cured, from the doctors’ point of view. Iron deficiency should be treated with medicaments containing iron and proper diet. Oncopatients must eat soy, meat, etc. Oncopatients must die. What for? Iron is Trojan onco-Horse of Angel of Death. Don’t let him in organism of oncopatient!].

Main clinical problems are overdose / underdose problems. For example: first insulin used for son of diplomat. Overdose. Death. 1) H2S-water (non-concentrated), injections into tumor. Gradual repression of tumor: antiiron effect + antirespiratory effect + antivirus effect + antibacterial effect (secondary bacterial infection). [[Iron-deficient H2S-water of the Black Sea = enemy of any viruses (crystalline and uncrystalline, quick and slow), bacteria (individual metastatic tumor cells) and animals (tumor + metastases).]]. 2) S-water (non-concentrated micro-dispersed suspension), injections into tumor. 3) Slow blood loss 100-150 ml/day. Return of sterile (without Fe, Co, Ni) water 100-150 ml/day. [Haemoglobin control]. [It is possible fall (temporary!) of intellectual function of oncopatient.]. Repression of metastases, micro-metastases, slow-sluggish bacteria//virus associations [[It is considered that a slow blood loss even of 75% of blood and more doesn’t end with the death of an injured person, especially using modern methods of treatment and reanimation. There is no doubt that an oncopatient wouldn’t survive under these circumstances. Everything should be done steady, but the precious time could not be wasted.]]. 4) Goat milk diet (uncooked raw milk) and non-iron diet. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk (Exodus 23:19; 34:26; Deuteronomy 14:21). [[Goats and sheep (females) aren’t ill of cancer and leucosis (have a complete immunity over cancer and leucosis). Some onco-researchers state that. Their organisms (organisms of goats, not of the onco-researchers) produce caprine, caprile and caprole acids. These acids (in milk) cause strong (profound) i.-d. anemia (for example goat’s milk anemia and goat milk child’s anemia). Anticancer folk medicament birch (wood) tar contains caprile asid.]]. 1) – 4) are biblical methods.  Desferal (desferrioxamin)?  No. Anti-unhem-iron direction.  Your chosen ideas.

Animal oncopatients should be treated in the same way as human oncopatients. 70 kg dog, for example, carries from 4 to 5 g of iron, just like a human being.

Men have cancer 1,5 times more often than cunning women, because % of iron content in man’s blood serum is 1,3 times as higher than in woman’s. Every month women lose blood so hemoglobin and iron and intellectual power (Ecclesiastes 7:28). I don’t know why the God offended men and women. Iron is friend and enemy of people. Paradox.

Spleen (erythrocytes cemetery) is the most iron-containing organ and organ with anticancer properties. Some onco-researchers once even tried to invent sensational anticancer medicaments by using spleens, but ‘somehow’ this sensation died. Today some onco-researchers can make a brilliant conclusion that cancer and iron absolutely have no ties between each other. What’s more, iron can be used in the treatment of cancer! Such mentally deficient onco-researchers can eat and inhale crystalline curative iron, cobalt and nickel powder (100% prophylaxis of oncopathologies?). In past cancer of lung = disease of ore-diggers.

Any spleen tumors (also dissemination of tumor in a spleen) are very rare, but pancreas cells sometimes ‘live’ in spleen and they are those, who collaborate with the enemy – tumor cells, what ends up very tragically. Efforts to make medicaments against cancer out of spleen were not success. I think normal spleen cells contain numerous ferro(i)magnetic inorganic/organic nano-crystals. Any metastatic tumor cells contain analogous (numerous) nano-crystals also. Action of invisible magnetic fields prevents from fatal contacts normal spleen cells and any metastatic tumor cells ((lymphocytes and any metastatic tumor cells)). Metastatic tumor cells are pathogenic ‘ferromagnetic’ neo-bacteria.

The God commanded: ‘To realize all sacred ceremonies, all rites without iron instruments.’ [1Kings 6:7; Deuteronomy 27:5; Joshua 8:31; 5:3]. The God knows: iron is villainy. The God made war (Israelites against Filistimlyans; non-iron weapon against iron weapon) [1Samuel 13:19-23]. People like iron. Fuhrer liked crystalline Fe and iron crosses. You are living in the last iron-clayey epoch (Daniel 2:32-44). So, is it that strange that you, a piece of clay (that’s how a man is called in the Bible: clay or clay vessel) are being attacked by an iron disease? Ferrum-age gives epidemic of ferrum-disease.

In modern medical literature iron is often viewed just as ‘vital need’, because hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome, and other components of respiratory enzyme systems are based on iron. Depletion of iron stores may result in iron-deficiency anemia. Excess of iron stores may result in hemochromatosis / sideroblastic anemia, but NOT in oncopathology. I think: iron is cunning onco-King.

If today patient has non-oncological i.-d. anemia and in spite of theory probabilities in future this patient will receive cancer, then such cancer will be very weak, very slow cancer. Proud doctors (sidereal-star disease) talk: ‘We prolong life of oncopatient for 10-20 years.’. Maybe: the God by non-oncological deficiency of iron prolongs life of oncopatient? If today patient has hemochromatosis / sideroblastic anemia / surplus iron and according to theory probabilities in future this patient will be receive merited cancer, then such cancer will be very strong, very quick cancer. Melancholy doctors talk: ‘We are powerless’. Of course, doctors can’t know detailed details about 1)2)3)4)-iron (about ferromagnetic nature/genesis of any oncopathology).

If you UNunderstand the Biblical iron information about cancer and AIDS then you can see forecasts of Evangelia Dimitrova (1911-1996) (Vanga, Bulgaria). Such prophets (prophetesses) exist really (The Acts 16:16). Voodoo Vanga researched cancer, AIDS and CTS by voodoo’s method. In 1994 she predicted: “At the beginning of the 21st century a day will come and cancer will be chained in iron! A cure, which shall cure people from this illness, must contain the iron, because this element is decreasing in the human organism.”. :


I think: contain = connect; because = in order to. Problems with translation of Macedonian dialect and breast cancer neutralized voodoo Vanga and Vanga’s forecasts: iron death of cancer and AIDS; death of oil (black gold) [earth will receive rest] because … Controllable Thermonuclear Synthesis (CTS). Thermonuclearists! Start to think! Stop to dream about powerful magnetic fields!

Bulgarian language:






Spirit of Error and Angel of Death guarded mystery of cancer very well. Vanga died on August 11, 1996. Ferromagnetic Father (Vadim Shapoval) came into this mad world on August 11, 1969. Wolf Messing (1899-1974) liked hypnotize and read riddles. Riddle (mystery) of cancer? Spirit of Error limited W.Messing.  J.Greenstein (Biochemistry of cancer) regretted: ‘It is exist some unintelligible causes that researches in sphere of cancer are cemetery for many scientific reputations.’. In 2006 this guard retired because Vadim Shapoval researched cancer (and AIDS) by free Biblical method. I think: the God will substitute sudden deaths for cancer and AIDS deaths soon. Cancer and AIDS declassifying means collapse of ambitions, vanity and future plans of some scientific scientists. Therefore such onco-scientists haven’t opinions concerning the Ferromagnetic theory-2006 of oncogenesis. If cancer and AIDS kaput then, according to iron logic, Cancer and AIDS Research Establishments go to pension.

Scientists read in their books ‘to treat akin by akin’. But they don’t have even the slightest clue of how to make it work. Plague can be cured by cholera? Usurpers of 1)2)3)4)-iron: 1) oncopathology; 2) suppurative-inflammatory process; 3) slow blood loss; 4) injective sulphur- (sulphureted hydrogen) water; 5) antiiron (milk) diet. Did you understand everything correctly? Did you understand how to treat similar with similar? Usurper must be neutralized by usurper. [Hitler by Stalin. Modern oncology (and virology) by the Holy Writ.]. Scientists consider it possible to beat cancer by carcinogens. [Solomon rests, but probably he is turning round in his coffin due to the achievements in oncology at the beginning of the 21st century.]. I think suppurative-inflammatory process is very dangerous and poorly controlled usurper of iron. You see I am not trying to invent a bicycle, like some scientists do. Any novelty is well forgotten information of old. I read all iron ideas in the Holy Writ.

Modern methods of treatment of oncopathologies are invalid and ineffective … well, at least not absolutely correct. Modern methods don’t pay any attention to the primary cause, though are very complicated if taking into consideration human judgment (tumor cells are to be destroyed during mitoses). Surgical method is adequate enough and aggressive, but is not always appropriate. Of course, sometimes harmful radiation and modern chemotherapy, as well as folk medicine or parallel suppurative-inflammatory process are helpful because they INDIRECTLY cause iron-deficient phenomena (anemia due to surgical blood loss; drug/toxic anemia, radiation anemia). At the same time radiation and modern chemotherapy are carcinogenic. Why? Because these therapies cause mass death of iron-containing cells: tumor somatic cells, normal somatic cells (such thing is also present) and blood cells. But very rarely suppurative-inflammatory process (the first-born death (Job 18:13)) completely (successfully) destroys tumor process (the first-born death also) and ‘not very sterile operated’ oncopatient (who lost a lot of blood as well) totally recovers. Commonly iron-deficiency anemia of oncologic origin shows up sometime around 4th stage. But tumor process may not be accompanied by iron deficient anemization (or flabby progressing in the background of non-oncologic iron-deficiency anemia). Owners of 10-50g of Fe, in other words those, who suffer from hemochromatosis or sideroblastic anemia and also oncopatients with a slight tumor, located in vital organ (brain, heart), can die without experiencing all the ‘joys’ of iron-deficiency anemia. At the same time doctors, oncoresearchers and oncopatients are being fooled. They take reason for result. Fe is out of suspicion. Fe has iron alibi. Iron-deficient phenomena of oncologic origin (for example, due to sarcoma) and iron-deficient phenomena of non-oncologic origin (for example, because of internal bleeding) can superimpose on one another in time. Profanity, paralogism is inevitable! Treating cancer-related anemia and fatigue: http://theoncologist.alphamedpress.org/cgi/content/full/3/4/275

Hemochromatosis and sideroblastic anemia very often lead to oncopathology in any of the ‘weak’ places/sites of the body (sooner or later manifesting leucosis, sarcoma or liver cancer). Coincidence?

Mass death of bacteria, viruses, blood and any somatic cells is accompanied with storage of iron, other heavy metals in any site of body, in place of a future tumor focus. 55 years ago Huth E.F. noticed: suppurated processes repress leucosis (leukemia). [Huth E.F. Zum Antagonismus zwischen bakteriellen Infektionen und malignen Erkrankungen.]. Why is it so? Because suppuration ‘eats into’ free/atomic iron. Deficiency of free iron represses oncopathology. ‘Medical artificial deficiency of free iron’ can repress oncopathology or/and slow-sluggish virus//bacterial associations.

The medical literature contains the description of a great number of cases of spontaneous metastatic cancer regression in the presence of large-scale purulent (bacterial) infection. The statement that bacterial infection (+ blood loss is conditioned by surgical operation) suppresses leucosis and sometimes destroys cancer with metastases and as a result a patient recovers, can be found in many works of German, American and Russian scientists and practical surgeons.

Anticancer methods-2010 must DIRECTLY cause iron-deficient phenomena, conditions into tumor and into metastases.  DIRECTLY, without undesirable accessory collateral fruits of harmful radiation, modern chemotherapy, folk medicine or/and parallel suppurative-inflammatory process. An abstract oncopatient from the future, biological machine made of clay! If you want to live longer and see more, than be ready to experience intratumor antiiron therapy.

Polyetiological theory of cancer affirms: non-monopolistic, non-exclusive onco-role of any well-known physical, chemical or biological factors. The Biblical ferromagnetic theory of cancer completes/modernizes this theory and O.Warburg’ theory. Virus-genetic theory of cancer is very interesting, but weak theory: tumor-cell-DNA is summation (result) of co-operation (interaction, interference, mutual consolidation) of oncovirus-DNA and cell-DNA.

Immunological literature affirms: origin of majority of spontaneous human tumors doesn’t connect with virus, radiation, carcinogen and other well-known onco-factors. I think iron factor is kingly factor. United Kingdom MUST acknowledge kingly factor. The English like to drink tea and coffee. Tea and coffee are potential carcinogens. Tea and coffee contain healthy manganese (Mn). Intracellular nano-crystals of manganese are non-ferromagnetic nano-crystals. Nano-crystals of manganese (Mn) + nitrogen (N)(1%) give ferromagnetic nano-crystals (Mn+N), which can open fatal crystallization of iron into cells. You see tea-coffee’ factor is non-well-known onco-factor (pancreas cancer, cancer of brain, etc.).

Oncological immunity is a natural general iron deficiency in an organism (in tissues + in blood), keeping up constantly. Intracellular nano-crystals of iron can stop-cease own growth provided … iron deficient conditions (natural or/and artificial removal of iron).

Very simple, very inexpensive, very accurate iron-deprived, iron-bereaved, iron-lost, iron-removed, iron-destroyed, iron-exterminated, iron-extirpated, iron-disabled, iron-disappeared, iron-spoilt, iron-dislodged, iron-banished, iron-exiled, iron-limitative, iron-restrictive, iron-neutralized methods (means, ways, manners, measures, modes, artifices, shifts) of treatment of oncopathologies are oncopanacea.

Some scientists (at a deadlock) can’t understand (think over, ponder, deliberate, analyse, appraise, comment, discuss, debate, supplement, verify, refute, legalize, publish, patent, steal) Iron Conception. Dear scientists! Sometimes iron cancer eats scientists. You may trust.

Behaviour of iron into human organism is very muddled (knotty, tangled, intricate) behaviour. Atoms of iron into human organism can create crystalline iron onco-viruses, which work by means of invisible harmful double-pole magnetic fields.

The Ferromagnetic theory-2006 of oncogenesis / tumorigenesis is unmerciful iron theory which devours / dethrones diverse non-iron theories. Iron theory is theory susceptible of proof.

Scientists make many mistakes. Scientists must mortify moonflaw.

Now I am in search of assistants (supporters of the f. theory). Together we will beat cancer, AIDS and scientific indifference. Fate of all onco- and AIDS-patients (real and potential) will be determined to-day. You can and must practise, support, publish, collectivize or/and purloin (without limitation of God’s Glory, because Invisible world is far more powerful than the Visible one) ferromagnetic/iron-deficient onco-ideas. If you can’t see Invisible world then Invisible world is absent? I keep detailed account of all supporters of the F. theory. All and sundry yesterday’s and today’s supporters of the F. theory will get large monetary prizes. Strike while the iron is hot.

Vadim Shapoval, Ferromagnetic Father




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April 10, 2010

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